Our Story

OUTLIE started as an idea when we started fishing a chain of uninhabited barrier islands, located in the easternmost point of the state of Louisiana. 

With a 30 to 50 mile run from the nearest boat ramps; making the trip can take up to 2 hours. With this level of exposure; storms, swell, and wind can create a challenge or make it impossible to get back home. This possible issue is always on the back of your mind. Why not have the ability to overnight in case of bad weather? This became the problem that was worth finding the solution for. That is when we came up with OUTLIE tents - the world's first tent specially designed for Flats Skiffs. 

As we developed each tent, we kept thinking of the possibilities with this product, creating more options for the skiff owner and the sport of Saltwater Fly Fishing. With OUTLIE tents, one has the ability to follow the tarpon migration up the gulf coast, the striper migration in the northeast, camp in the Louisiana marsh/South Carolina low country or hang out at the Sandbar on a Saturday afternoon.


All OUTLIE products include a Limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing or material defects to the original owner. Items will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of OUTLIE. If a replacement product is not available credit will be given for the original purchase price when returned with a receipt. OUTLIE does not warranty products damaged from normal wear and tear, changes to the product made by the owner, misuse, accidents or damages caused by uses other than what the product is intended for.